2017 Minutes and Agendas

Minutes are published in draft and will be formalised at the following meeting.

To open the files click on the relevant word eg  Minutes


Meeting Date Time Agenda Minutes Location
Council 11 January 6.30pm Agenda  Minutes Elvington
Council 8 February 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Elvington
Council 8 March 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Elvington
Council 12 April 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
AGM 10 May 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
Council 10 May 6.45pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
APM 17 May 7.00pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
Council 14 June 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
Council 12 July 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
Council 13 September 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Eythorne
Council 11 October 6.30pm Agenda  Minutes Elvington
Council 8 November 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Elvington
Council 13 December 6.30pm  Agenda  Minutes Elvington


Elvington Community Centre is at St John’s Road, Elvington.

Eythorne Resource Centre is at Barfrestone Road, Eythorne.