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Online Scams – information

KCC Trading Standards have been receiving a lot of enquiries about online scams.  To learn more click here.


Pledge4Plastics Campaign

Kent Resource Partnership is campaigning to encourage households to recycle more plastic bottles via existing council provided recycling services.

The national capture rate of plastic bottles (tubs, pots and trays) is known to be less than the potential.  Capturing more of these items provides better value for money for councils, increases recycling performance and reduces use of virgin materials in the production of new plastic items.

For more information click here


Kent Police Leaflet – Shutting the Door on Rural Crime

Kent Police have produced a helpful leaflet on ‘Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime’, it details types of crimes and where to go to report them.

The leaflet can be downloaded here


Kent Police Burglary Campaign

Burglars mess with your head not just your home.
Kent Police is asking residents to take simple measures to protect themselves from becoming a victim of burglary.  Overall the force has seen a positive decrease in this type of crime, but statistics show that the number of reports can increase during the autumn months.  Most burglaries happen during daylight hours, with offences often peaking at about 11am, so while you’re hard at work, burglars are too. Most burglars are opportunists, which means it is important to ensure the security measures taken at night are also taken before you leave home in the morning.  From experience, the police know burglary can leave victims feeling scared and anxious long after the crime has been committed.

If you would like to find out more about protecting your property, visit


Deal Food Area Foodbank (Taken from a letter to the Parish Council)

Deal Area Emergency Food bank (DAEF) extends from Deal to all the outlying old coalfield and rural areas which fall within Dover District Council boundaries. Within this area there are people living in isolated hamlets, often without public transport. We wish to find ways to ensure that all in need have access to our service.

We work primarily with churches, community, statutory and voluntary welfare groups, who issue vouchers to those they become involved with who are in financial distress leading to food poverty. This distress can come about for many reasons including, for example, ill health, unemployment or large utility bills. Many of our clients are in low paid employment living hand to mouth so an unexpected crisis leaves them struggling to cope.

Whilst in the more urban areas of Deal and Sandwich people can access our service through a variety of ways this is not so in the rural areas. We have an outlet at St Finbarr’s Church in Aylesham. This is used by those in need in the surrounding villages.

If you would like to know more about the Foodbank, there are many ways to get in contact:
Telephone: 01304 728428


Dover Harbour Board Press Release

It’s time to deliver for Dover!

We want to deliver a great future for our customers and community! Through the delivery of Dover Western Docks Revival alongside the creation of a new community fund we can do so much more for Dover.

We have just launched our “Deliver for Dover” campaign and you may have heard our radio ads on Heart FM, which went live yesterday, encouraging people to get behind our plans and kick start the regeneration of Dover.

You can show your support by visiting or our website and registering your support online. You can also visit our Facebook page “Deliver for Dover” at where you can hear the advertisements or go to our Twitter page, @Port_of_Dover.

With your help we can change lives and change Dover, so please come on board and get your colleagues, friends and relatives to get behind the campaign and Dover too!